de Meester

Mathilde Comtesse 981

Mathilde Comtesse
Given names
Mathilde Comtesse
Married name
Mathilde Comtesse de Roucy
Birth 981

MarriageLeotard Ier de RoucyView this family

Birth of a daughter
Ade de Roucy
1005 (Age 24 years)

Death of a husbandLeotard Ier de Roucy
1005 (Age 24 years)

Marriage of a childAlbérich de CoucyAde de RoucyView this family
1025 (Age 44 years)

Birth of a granddaughter
Ade de Coucy
1035 (Age 54 years)

Marriage of a grandchildEnquerrand Ier de Boves de CoucyAde de CoucyView this family
1053 (Age 72 years)

Death of a daughterAde de Roucy
1059 (Age 78 years)


Comtesse de Dagsbourg