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Favorite electric airplanes for 2019
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1.  Maker = Yuneec
Model = E430
  Speed = 80kts (150kmh|95mph)
  Power = 40Kw (54 hp)
 (The e430 is a twin seat|single engine|LSA class aircraft designed to be simple to use|easy to fly and with| virtually zero vibration|it is very smooth. Low noise|no emissions|no fuel|extremely low maintenance and best of all| . . . . . it is environmentally friendly. Electric flight|once seen as futuristic|has arrived and with e430 s flight| times of between 1.5 and 3 hours (depending on configuration) electric flight now becomes a realistic power source for| sport aviation. Charging times of 3 hours for as little as $5 make electric a really low cost way to fly and with only| 2 main moving parts in the motor (the bearings) the reliability and maintenance are like nothing seen before. Add to that| the delight of smooth|quiet powered flight or silent using its 25:1 glide ratio - the e430 is in a class of its own.| )
Yuneec International website

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