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Favorite solar boats for 2019
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1.  Maker = PlanetSolar
  Speed = 25km/h
  Range = Never-ending solar navigation
  Power = 93.5 kW (127.0 HP)
 (537 sq.m of solar panels|L x W:31 x 15m|with flaps L x W: 35 x 23m|H:6.1m|Weight: 95 t|Crew: 6 people|| Max People onboard: 40)
TÛRANOR PanetSolar
PlanetSolar’s aims in a nutshell: - To demonstrate the potential of renewable energies and photovoltaics| - To show that we already have the technology required for sustainability| - To take part in the technological development of renewable energy and advance scientific research| - To inform the public and make them aware of the importance of renewable energy| - To make the best possible use of energy efficiency| - To show that the economy and ecology can and must work together

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