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Extended Family de Meester
man Jan Decuyper‏‎, son of Philippe Decuyper and Cecilia Catherina Weyts‏.
Born ‎18 Jun 1836, died ‎15 Oct 1907 Oudenburg, 8460‎, 71 years

Married/ Related to:

woman Mathilde Cooleman‏‎, daughter of Philippe Cooleman and Marie Anna Moyaert‏.
Married name: Mathilde /Decuyper/, died ‎18 Jun 1921 Oudenburg, 8460


woman Emerence Clemence Hortence Decuyper‏
Married name: Emerence Clemence Hortence /de Meester/, also known as: Emerentiana Clementia /Hortentia/, born ‎06 Dec 1871 Ettelgem, 8460, Oudenburg, died ‎01 Oct 1949 Brugge, 8000‎, 77 years

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